Hey y'all

So... here's where it all begins, eh? I've been meaning to set up my personal webpage and start recording my thoughts in a blog here for some time now, but have been much too "busy" to start until now. Well, no more. It is time!

My name is David Reghay. You might not know me. I'm a young, newly married developer living in Queens, NY with a wide array of interests, including, but not limited to: math, programming (mostly experienced in Ruby, Java, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript), algorithms, music (I play guitar and piano and write my own songs), literature, self-improvement and humor. I currently work for the software company EidosMedia Inc, where I develop addons and services, configure and customize their multi-channel publishing and CMS platform Méthode.

A lot of work remains to be done on this site, of course. New beginnings are always exciting! This site was put together using the popular Ruby on Rails framework, which I find to be pretty awesome. Anyway, I hope to have interesting offerings for you in the near future.

New Blog